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Steelcore Straps saved my trip

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On September 16, 2021, David Chaffin posted on his Instagram Account about an unexpected incident in his trip. 

David, who has worked in law enforcement for the last 14 years has left his career to explore the world on his motorcycle. He started his adventure in Anchorage, rode to the “top of the world” in Deadhorse, Alaska. Traveling south through the Americas to his final destination Ushuaia, Argentina, and who knows where he’ll go next. He had explored about 8000 miles and currently traversing through the mainland US and National Parks on to Mexico.

On his recent trip to Prince George, BC., he left his bike unattended in the parking garage. Here’s what happened:

 “I left my panniers on the bike with all my stuff in them — camping gear, tools, food/water supplies — literally everything I needed for my adventure. When I returned, I found thieves has made an effort to cut through the straps to steal my luggage and contents.

Fortunately, he had locked the panniers with the Steelcore straps and thieves gave up when they couldn’t cut through the straps.

Without the straps, that incident could have easily put an end to my travels early on. The Steelcore straps have been perfect for keeping my panniers locked tightly closed and secured to my bike. Theyre super easy to use and excellent for when Im away from my bike or camping overnight, and theyve already paid off big time

We really don’t know how or when incidents might happen. It is better to be safe than sorry. Safety isnt expensive, its priceless. So if you love it, lock it with Steelcore.

Steelcore, with its braided 7X19 galvanized steel cable at the center, covered in a cut-resistant, heavy weight webbing creating a propriety blend of steel and fibers is the leading manufacturer of high-quality lockable, theft resistance security straps.

Steelcore is on a mission to bring anyone the power to protect the things they love.With the right security equipment, you’ll be worry-free anytime and anywhere.

Have you encountered the same experience like David? Share your stories with us in the comments section below.

Follow David’s journey here: https://www.instagram.com/heyitsmedavid/

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