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1. What if I lose the keys?

Copies of all keys are available for immediate delivery.

2. Why isn’t it a combination lock?

The Key is easier to use at night, offers more security and most combination locks are not weatherproof.

3. How do the straps attach to my spa?

They attach just like the plastic locks do with screws, only with stronger, #12 stainless steel screws.

4. Can a trespasser unscrew the lock to gain access to my spa?

No. Steelcore screw heads are concealed and inaccessible, nor can the adjuster buckle be undone or adjusted when the spa is locked.

5. How do the straps fit all household spas?

There is an adjustment buckle at the back of the spa that allows not only spa strap lengths to be adjusted, but also placement of the locking buckle where it is more convenient, either on the top or front of the spa.

6. Is it easier to use Steelcore spa straps than the plastic ones?

With plastic locks there are 4 to unlock. Steelcore only has 2 locks, because the straps cover the whole spa instead of just attaching at the corners. It eliminates having to access the back to unlock 2 locks. Steelcore locking buckles were designed by aerospace engineers to be used at night and with just one hand.

7. Does this satisfy the ASTM safety requirements for spa covers?

Yes, it does as the locking portion of the requirement. The safety requirements for the ASTM safety spa cover are a locking system that deters a 0-5-year-old child from being able to gain access. Steelcore straps more than exceed that age limit. It’s important to note that a locking cover alone does not qualify as an ASTM-approved safety cover. Other ASTM requirements include labeling, slope for water runoff, and weight-bearing standards.

8. Do the straps work with spa cover butlers and other spa cover lifters?

Yes. The straps just fold back with the spa cover and do not interfere with any of the spa cover lifter devices.

9. I have an older spa and some of the wood on the side is cracked and rotted. Will this still offer some security?

You can use a backing panel with large washers and trough bolts instead of the included wood screws as is done in hurricane areas. It’s important to note the spa security straps are only as secure as what they are attached to.